July 01, 2019

Listen, we know you’ve likely your coffee routine down pat by this point. Between your rush to get out the door in the morning and that inevitable afternoon crash, there’s probably some mix of mediocre make-it-at-home java and expensive, feel-a-little-guilty Big Coffee. (Looking at you, Starbucks.)

That’s fine - trust us, we’ve been where you are. But it’s for that exact reason that we’re here to tell you there’s a better way. It’s called Cold Brew. Before you roll your eyes and get back to that Venti Nonfat Latte with Caramel Whatever, give us a minute.

Here are three reasons why - when done right - cold brew coffee is nothing like that cup of coffee you’re picturing in your head right now.

It Packs a Punch

Cold brew in general packs a punch and tends to have a higher caffeine content than regular coffee. The average cold brew has about double the caffeine content than regular iced coffee. But at Back Bay Roasters we are anything but average - our 12oz bottles pack a whopping 330 MG of caffeine. You can thank us later. 

It Can Be So Smooth

This type of coffee gets a bad rap, mostly because early entries into the market didn’t source high-quality beans and, cutting costs at every corner, roasted the crap out of them to mask their imperfections. The result was a cup of joe that tasted more like a cup of stale gasoline. Most cold brew today doesn’t pack a caffeine potency unlike the coffee you’re already drinking. Really, it’s more about finding that perfect balance between caffeine kick, velvety mouthfeel and the subtle yet beautiful flavor notes of each individual bean.  

It’s Actually Affordable

Cold brew from a hip corner barista can be pricey, no doubt. But as a shelf-stable product when treated right, there are now lots of options for ready-to-drink cold-brew - that’s bottled coffee, to you - that won’t even remotely break the bank. That means a trip to the grocery store can yield a week’s supply of killer coffee for the price equivalent of a couple trips to your local shop.

It’s Ripe for Disruption

Brewing coffee - like brewing beer or distilling spirits - is as much an art and a science as it is a tech industry. There are methods that have been used for years and years, but more and more smart people are coming along to reconsider everything. Just look at Boston’s Back Bay Roasters. Tired of cold-brew coffee that was bitter and overly-caffeinated, they created a proprietary brewing method that keeps the product cold from bean to bottle - something nobody else in the space is doing. The result? Cold brew coffee unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.


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